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beli obat penggugur kandungan is one of the most common medical procedures in which a woman chooses to terminate her pregnancy. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy for any reason before the conception can survive outside the mother's womb. Legal abortion is not yet legalized in Indonesia, but it does not mean abortion cases do not exist in this homeland. In the medical world are known 3 kinds of abortion are:


1. Spontaneous / natural abortion: takes place without any action. Most caused by poor quality of eggs and sperm cells.

2. Artificial / deliberate abortion: termination of pregnancy before 28 weeks' gestation as a result of deliberate and deliberate action by both expectant mothers and abortion practitioners (in this case doctors, midwives or dukun beranak, etc.)

3. Therapeutic / medical abortion: abortion of artificial content done on medical indication. For example, expectant mothers who are pregnant but have chronic high blood pressure or severe heart disease that can harm both expectant mothers and fetus in the birth. but this is all over the medical considerations are mature and not in a hurry.

Reasons Why Women Choose To Abort

Behind the act of abortion, there must be reasons why women have an abortion. According to, there are three main reasons women perform acts of abortion.


1. Adverse impact on the prospective mother: Abortion will always have a negative impact on the mother, as well as pregnant that is not in the plan. If pregnant because of an accident continues until the baby is born and occurs to a woman who is still educated, be sure that she will not continue her schooling. And if it happens to a career woman, it will interfere with her work and affect her income.

2. Financial problems: The cost of baby care from pregnancy, birth to after birth does not cost a little. While the birth due to accidents many occur in women who are still in school. Then how will they meet the needs of her baby? Keeping healthy? this will be very difficult in imagine so aborsipun finally done.

3. Unpreparedness into single mothers: The two reasons above greatly affect why women are not ready to be single mothers. this is coupled with the fact that women who are pregnant by accident will not live with their partner.

Viewed from any side of the abortion is still an immoral act. Should the moral aspect be removed, abortion is the best choice for women with unplanned pregnancies.


Abortion drugs What is Abortion Abortion Which Is Powerful For Abortion?

Misoprostol is a potent abortion drug for safe, natural abortion and has been shown to release the fetus in just one day. Misoprostol there are 3 kinds, among others: cytotec, misotrol and ciprostol which has a dose of 20mcg. In the country of Indonesia cytotec more dominant and in demand sell in the market because CYTOTEC result faster, accurate and the success rate guaranteed more than 97% complete.


Cytotec is a cure for abortion with the active ingredient of misoprostol and is produced by PFIZER USA under the trade name cytotec, cyprostol, citotec, gymiso, mibetec, misotrol. All the names of these drugs are brand names or pharmaceutical analogs that contain 200mcg MISOPROSTOL more efficacious and effective in comparison with traditional abortion drugs such as herbal thyroid menstruation, herbal menstruation herbs, late jamu and late drugs and natural abortion drugs that are traditional which is difficult to cope with a pregnant mother who is not in want.


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