How to abort the correct and complete

In this guide we will first inform all of you who want an abortion dikarena something specific things that you want to cara menggugurkan kandungan be forced to abort a fetus in the womb.

Therefore, we will give you a simple guide on the procedures of abortion are correct and complete.


In this case we will discuss the start of a natural way to use the abortion drug so that you can try the natural way of starting to use the abortion drug from us, for the first of all we will discuss in advance


ordinances abort naturally we will explain briefly and clearly the following:


Fruit - fruit that can abort the womb of pregnant women


Effects pineapple fruit for pregnant women

The researchers claim that pineapple contains bromelian, an enzyme which has the effect of weakening the cervix and can cause the uterus to contract. If a pregnant woman eating pineapple in excessive amounts can also cause diarrhea.

Many pregnant women who eat complained of diarrhea, while some other women who eat pineapple stay healthy until the third trimester of pregnancy. This may be because bromelian commonly found in fresh pineapple fruit or young, and if it is canned or processed into juice, bromelian possibility would be destroyed.


Protease enzyme bromelain is said to be similar to papain in papaya fruit, both of which can have a bad effect on pregnancy. Bromelian possibility because it can cause uterine contractions, so it is said could cause a miscarriage. Especially the pineapple is still green and unripe, which can induce uterine activity and endanger the pregnancy. Thus, pregnant women should avoid eating tropical fruit, especially in early pregnancy.

Eating pineapples can menghasilan side effects gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and heartburn. Pregnant women who experience frequent heartburn, then eat pineapple can be dangerous. Although pineapple contains vitamin C and contains digestive enzymes the body needs, but during pregnancy should talk with your doctor before taking this fruit.



Indeed, many pregnant women stay healthy and trouble-free despite eating pineapple fruit during pregnancy. Some gynecologists also say that pineapple can be beneficial to pregnant women during delivery, because it can help to induce labor or contractions. But whatever you hear about side effects or benefits of pineapple for a pregnant woman, it is best to ask the opinion of the gynecologist if you want to eat this fruit for the good and safety of you and your pregnancy


Effects durian fruit for pregnant women

Durian is a fruit for pregnant women who become pros and cons, some people think eating durian is fine during pregnancy as long as the portions were reasonable, others who consider eating durian really should not cause harm during pregnancy. Safe and whether durian eat during pregnancy will be discussed in the following article.

Durian is the food taboos pregnant women because the content is in the durian fruit itself. Durian high glucose, calories, arachidonic acid compounds, high alcohol and high cholesterol. Everything will not be prohibited if there is no cause, no reason durian banned because the content inside the durian fruit is forbidden to enter into a pregnant woman's body.

The content of the dangers of alcohol in the durian fruit is exactly what should not be entered into the pregnant woman's body, arachodonat compound is also dangerous for pregnant women. Effects of alcohol content in the same durian fruit was dangerously with alcohol.


The effect of papaya fruit for pregnant women

Unripe papaya fruit can cause adverse effects to pregnancy. This is because the raw papaya pepsins containing compounds contained in papaya latex. This will impact early contractions to be the cause of miscarriage.

Besides it can cause miscarriage because of their pepsins compounds, latex sap contained in papaya fruit can also cause allergic or other reactions accompanied by effects worse.


Well that's all you can try it first on how to cara menggugurkan kandungan 4 bulan secara alami so you do not have to hurry hurry in using drugs but if you want results quickly by using the abortion drug that the success rate reached 98% since the drug is already very widely used for women who do not want to continue the womb dikarena the particular case, this drug has an name Mifepristone (also known as pill abortion, RU 486, Mifegyn, Mifeprex), and Misoprostol (also known as Cytotec, Arthrotec, Oxaprost, Cyprostol, Mibetec, Prostokos or Misotrol).

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